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Fractional Demand Gen for high-growth b2b companies 

Need help producing quality pipeline?

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Janelle Amos | Founder & Chief Strategist
Everyone is marketing marketing strategies. 

Let's face it 

Everyone is marketing marketing strategies. Everyone claims to increase revenue. Perhaps you’ve been burned by a so-called marketing expert before. 

Why should you trust ME? 

  • I’m fueled by a passion to get sh*t done and get the results we BOTH want
  • I have a bias toward action – No nonsense drag time from idea to ROI
  • I won’t bloat your budget – I’ll find a way to make what you have work, or, I’ll let you know
  • I don’t force you through process after process just to ask a question or make a request 
Why partner with elevate growth:

What I CAN promise you:

 ... Is to create a comprehensive demand gen strategy that drives brand awareness, customer acquisition, and revenue growth.

If you're looking to:

  • Generate qualified leads
  • Drive pipeline growth
  • Increase pipeline velocity
  • Hit revenue targets
  • Generate awareness in a saturated market
  • Get net-new customer logos

... without the agency B.S.

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Let's Get You The Right Kind of Help

Do you need: 

  • 360° Marketing Audit 
    • See your marketing process, team, and organization in a whole new light. Our proprietary 360° Marketing Audit delivers accurate answers, actionable insights, and a playbook to execute on with or without us. Learn more here. Fixed price of $5,000. No commitment. 
  • Fractional Work (most popular) 
    • I work as a part-time demand gen leader to create, implement, and execute demand gen playbooks that connect business goals to ROI. I start each engagement with the 360° Marketing Audit to help both you and me understand the complexities of what needs solved. Variable pricing usually around $10,000 - $20,000 / mo. Minimum 4 month engagement. 
  • Advisor 
    • Pulse check your strategy with someone who's scaled 10+ B2B companies and knows early pitfalls to avoid and industry commonalities. Are you on the right track? What are your peers doing? How can you make your strategy better? Minimum engagement: 1 quarter at a fixed priced of $1,500 / mo. 

Don't trust me... trust the results. 

Results your peers have achieved:

+240% marketing-sourced open pipeline in 6 months
+210% marketing-sourced closed-won pipeline in 6 months
+133% pipeline in a 30-day ABM pilot
+148% marketing-sourced open pipeline ACV in 4 months
+77% Year-over-Year ACV 

... And counting.

In their own words:

"Janelle paved Arcade's demand gen infrastructure to scale. She not only recommended, but hands-on fixed foundational problems that enabled Arcade to exponentially grow.

Janelle's recommendations were spot on and extremely valuable for our go-to-market team. She was a huge asset to our growth plan."

Andre Riley
Andre Riley

CRO, Arcade

Janelle is my favorite kind of demand gen partner -- she gets the big picture and isn't afraid to roll up her sleeves and help you bring all the moving parts together into a high-performing demand gen machine. My primary strengths are in content and messaging, and she's been an invaluable advisor for me as Rep Cap has grown, both for our clients and our own marketing.

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Mary Ellen Slayter

CEO, Rep Cap

Ready to start driving REAL results?