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1:1 Strategic Demand Gen Sidekick to your demand gen marketer

Drive Exponential ROI to Your Already Existing Team Without Adding To Your Plate










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  • Tired of having stop-gaps in performance?
  • Stuck in a state of random acts of marketing?
  • Tired of dealing with disconnected expectations?
  • Tired of spending too much time on areas that don't move the needle? 

"In just a couple of sessions Janelle gave me confidence in areas I was struggling with. She equipped me to be able to set pipeline and revenue goals based on actual data, work with business-level efficiency metrics, analyse funnel performance and forecast performance. You won’t find Janelle’s expertise in a course or blog. I’d highly recommend trying her program.

- Jamie Skeels, Sr. Demand Gen Manager at Cognism

Get an Extra Pair of Trusted Hands

I know firsthand how it feels to see potential in a person and not having the bandwidth or background to nurture them the way they need to advance their career.

Or worse, having hired someone who you THOUGHT was a rockstar and ended up not living up to it. You start to question if you made the wrong hire. You start to calculate the delta costs. You start having stop-gaps in your strategies.You have the expectation of your demand gen marketer delivering one thing, but they deliver something else.

This is not a reflection of your capabilities.

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Having gone from individual contributor to senior leadership myself, there was a lot that I needed to learn, and fast. The good news is, through those experiences, I’ve created templates, frameworks and insights that can now empower other demand gen marketers to level up their demand gen skills and get you the results that you lose sleep over at night. 

Why Me? #LevelUpWithJanelle

Janelle accolades

I was formerly 3x in-house head of demand gen at B2B SaaS companies before founding Elevate Growth 3 years ago. During that time, I’ve shared what I’ve learned with thousands through speaking engagements, master classes, live Q&As and have been published in featured articles. I’ve consulted over 17 companies (and counting!) to create demand gen strategies that work.

My podcast Demand Gen Made Simple skips the B.S. and dives into the weeds to provide the practical, tactical takeaways demand gen marketers need, to do their job. 

All this to say, this is NOT my first rodeo. I know I can help your team because I’ve helped companies achieve results like: 

+240% marketing-sourced open pipeline in 6 months

+210% marketing-sourced closed-won pipeline in 6 months

+133% pipeline in a 30-day ABM pilot

+148% marketing-sourced open pipeline ACV in 4 months

+77% Year-over-Year ACV 

About Elevate Growth Level Up Program

After learning so many marketers were facing the same challenges I once did, I decided to create the Elevate Growth Level Up Program. A safe place for demand gen marketers to learn, free from judgment, through a 1:1 partnership with me. 

In this program, I’ll work alongside your demand gen marketer to provide guidance that is specific to them and ONLY them. Because, let's face it: marketing is not a one-size-fits all. Online courses, masterclasses, crowd-sourcing answers will only get you so far. What your demand gen marketers needs is someone who's been there and done that to personally help them. 

During our time together, you and your demand gen marketer will have me in your back pocket. I’m here to get in-the-weeds with your demand gen marketer through unlimited 𓊍 S.T.E.P. Calls*, unlimited asset reviews, and ongoing Q&A support. 

*S.T.E.P. Calls are where knowledge meets application. Whether we’re reviewing an idea for the first time or deep diving in the weeds together, 𓊍 S.T.E.P. Calls are designed to help you gain clarity, insight, and inspiration.

S - Sustainable

T - Tailored

E - Empowering

P - Practical


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What This Program is NOT:

Slack/Discord communities are helpful for resources, templates, and referrals. But if your demand gen marketer is truly stuck, they need someone to help them out of the trenches. There comes a point when all the available resources online become confusing and overwhelming to the demand gen marketer; not knowing how to cut through the noise for THEIR specific challenges and data. 

So, this program is NOT: 

  • Another webinar, masterclass, or digital course to watch that doesn’t actually address YOUR questions. 
  • A group forum so there’s no one knowing that you're struggling with anything. 
  • This is NOT a done-for-you model. I won’t personally go in and modify or edit any documents for you. The objective is for your demand gen marketer to learn and grow, and apply their learning in real-time, not just sub-out the work.

This isn’t theoretical. This isn’t another cookie cutter framework. This is real-time, one-on-one, strategic partnership with someone that’s BEEN there and tackled these issues head on. 

How to Get Started 👇

3 easy steps to get started:

  • Book a 30-Minute Discovery Call
    • No-risk, no-strings attached. During this time, we’ll assess if we’re a good match together. We'll talk about the challenges you're facing, I’ll offer recommendations to help you get clarity, no-strings attached. And if we’re a good fit, then we can talk about the details of the program. Otherwise, no hard feelings.  
  • Schedule a 30-Minute 𓊍S.T.E.P. Call with your Demand Gen Marketer
    • If we're a fit, we'll schedule a call with your demand gen marketer to put together a detailed plan of action and estimated duration and share it back to you.
  • Enroll and Level Up 
    • Once approved, we'll draft up a work order, sign an MSA and NDA, take payment, and #LevelUpWithJanelle

"I was hitting the same brick wall of being comfortable in my tactical role, but lacked the strategic experience to take the next step up. I came to Janelle because I needed to upskill in areas that are tricky to learn independently. She helped me connect these exercises to my day-to-day role and how I could apply them to make a strategic impact.

- Jamie Skeels, Sr. Demand Gen Manager at Cognism

Level Up Your Team With Someone That’s Been There and Tackled Head On.